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10 Tips for Selecting iPhone’s Carrier

How to Select iPhone’s Carrier: Ten Tips

Before buying an iPhone, you may need to know about carrier where your iPhone will be used on. Hence selecting iPhone’s wireless carrier is important, be sure to shop around to get the best plan for your needs and budget. Study all offers carefully. Before you sign-up, be sure you understand what you’re buying and what’s in the contract. Ask questions about anything that is not clear to you. You can also look up the company’s website for more information.

10 Tips for Selecting iPhone’s Carrier

Holding iPhone
Holding iPhone
  1. When and Where

    Ask yourself where you will be using your phone. At home? At work? While traveling? Also ask when you will use it. During the day? Nights? Weekends?

  2. Your Coverage Area

    No wireless company serves all parts of the state. So, look for one that serves where you want to use your phone the most. You can find maps of their coverage areas at their stores, websites, or ask the sales person about the specific places where you can use the phone.

  3. Choose the Right Calling Plan for You

    Most companies offer several different calling plans such as local, regional, or nationwide. Some plans include one set you can use any time or only at peak times. The other set is for nights, weekends, or off-peak times.
    Study each plan carefully. Bring your cell phone bill, if you already have one, and compare prices.

  4. Your Trial Period
    Most companies have a trial period for testing the service and the coverage area. This is the only time that you
    can cancel your contract without paying an Early Termination Fee. Give your phone and all its features a good
  5. Alternatives to a Long-Term Contract

    If a contract is not for you, look for a month-tomonth, flat rate plan, “pay as you go” or “prepaid” plans. If you choose a prepaid plan, find out when the minutes will expire. Find out if it covers long distance or international calls. Find out how to buy more minutes and if you must buy them before you run out of minutes.

  6. Know about Roaming

    Roaming is making a call by using another wireless company’s service. It may happen when you are outside your company’s coverage area or if your company cannot handle any more calls inside its area.

    Find out:
    1. If there are roaming charges.
    2. How you will know when you are roaming.
    3. If all your services are available while roaming.

  7. Long Distance Long distance fees may be charged when you call outside your local area. Find out how you will be billed for long-distance calls.
  8. Features Other than Voice Service

    Other services may include Internet browsing, and text messaging. Find out how you will be billed and how to block or
    cancel them if you want. Other features include “mobile to mobile,” meaning calls made from one cell-phone to another.

  9. Keeping Your Phone Number

    If you switch phone companies, you can keep your phone number. If you are still under contract with your current carrier, you may have to pay an Early Termination Fee for canceling service early. You may need to purchase a new cell phone because many cell phones can be used only on a specific carrier’s network.

  10. Understanding Your Charges

    Ask to see a sample bill with an estimate of what you will be paying each month. Here are examples of things you
    should know:

    • Activation Fees to start service.
    • Taxes and surcharges.
    • Charges: for long distance, roaming and airtime.
    • Text messaging and other charges, including how you will be charged if you share minutes with someone else.
    • Dropped Calls: Will you receive a credit for calls that are cut off due to poor coverage areas?
    • Early Termination Fees: What are the charges for ending service before your contract expires?

    If you have more than one phone in your plan, will the charge apply to every phone?

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