Best Cydia February 2012

15 Best Cydia Tweaks of February 2012

Hello Cydia tweaks lovers, here are 15 Best Cydia Tweaks of February 2012. Stay tuned for more cydia tweaks and apps updates.

Best Cydia February 2012

  1. NCColors
    NCColors cydia tweak lets you change the color of Notifications center As is the case NCColors, a new free Cydia Tweak.
  2. Zeppelin
    Zeppelin simply lets you change the carrier logo on the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Overflow & Infinidock
    Infinidock cydia tweak lets you to add as many icons to your dock and scroll back and forth between apps in the dock and OverFlow cydia tweak lets you to add a coverflow effect to your dock icons.
  4. ColoredKnob
    Change the color of slide to unlock bar.
  5. WeeRoll
    WeeRoll cydia tweak adds notification center transition animations. Inspired by Barrel.
  6. SBBrightnessButtons
    SBBrightnessButtons cydia tweak adds two buttons giving you the ability to toggle between your brightness straight from your SpringBoard without the need to open Settings
  7. ColorBanner
    You can change the color notification banner and text with ColorBanner cydia tweak.
  8. IconBounce & Motion
    IconBounce adds crazy effect make apps & folders have a cool flipping/zooming effect on your SpringBoard!
  9. MissionControl
    This cydia tweak gives you Quick Access to Facebook,Twitter, Wi-Fi Settings Etc From Anywhere on your screen.
  10. Lorem
    Install Lorem cydia tweak if you want clear a notification from Notification Center with a simple swipe.
  11. LockSliderz
    Want to launch up to four apps from the Lock screen? If so, you should install LockSliderz cydia tweak. LockSliderz allows you to customize the lockscreen slider and make it much more useful. The new slider can have a second action by sliding right-to-left and you can also add other sliders for a total of 8 customizable actions.
  12. WeeKillBackground Pro
    You can close all background apps from Notification Center with a single tap. It’s really useful to save some battery life and RAM without need to manually remove apps one-by-one. Let WeeKillBackground Pro handles such job.
  13. Jepit
    Jepit is a Cydia Tweak that will add an animation to your device when you are switching between apps.
  14. SwitcherSense & SwitcherLoader
    Switcher Sense is a new and awesome way to view your switcher, it combines Apple UI with the ability to customize everything. Switcher Sense has a cool slide to quit interface to show many of your apps at once, and allows you to view all your switcher loader plugins easily. Switcher Sense includes three new SwitcherLoader plugins.
  15. Nyan Cat for Notification
    nyan cat notification center

    Pin up a little Nyan Cat in the Notification Center! Complete with animations, that catchy tune, and other awesome-ness, for your jailbroken iOS 5 iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Tap it, and find a special surprise! Being a part of the Notification Centre, it’s part of the OS, and can be hidden/shown/moved around much like all other Apple widgets.

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