The iPhone 4, the most successful iPhone to date

22 million iPhone Handsets will be produced in Q4 2011

The iPhone 4
The iPhone 4, the most successful iPhone to date

Giga0m has published a report suggesting that Apple are going to be increasing their production of iPhone handsets in Q4 2011. Quite a large amount are going to be iPhone 4’s suggesting that Apple may continue the iPhone 4 while the iPhone 5 is out. Demand for the iPhone 4 is not slowing down still even when a new handset is looming.

A quarter of these handsets are thought to be an upgraded iPhone, presumably the next generation iPhone. The new iPhone is going to consist of various hardware changes such as the upgrade to an A5 processor and an improved antenna to prevent a repeat of last years fiasco regarding the ‘death grip’ causing the phone to lose all or most of it’s signal, but it will keep the same design. Which in my opinion is a good thing as the iPhone 4 is a very stylish and good looking phone that doesn’t look outdated and in fact looks a lot newer than other recently released smart phones.

Due to the huge quantity of this production is revolving around the iPhone 4 it is safe to say that the iPhone 4 will stay on when the next generation iPhone is launched, much akin to the iPhone 3GS. Obviously the iPhone 4 will have a price drop to remain competitive. It is also assumed that these orders are for 8GB iPhone 4’s which may satisfy rumors of a cheaper iPhone being released.

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