3 Ways to Avoid Call Failed accident on iPhone 4

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If you recently using iPhone 4 you may notice about “Call Failed” sometimes. Or even often? The “Call Failed” will stop your conversation during the call or prevent you to make outgoing call on your iPhone. This problem is well-known as antennage problem on iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Call Failed

Here are a few tips to reduce your iPhone 4 getting Call Failed. It may not totally stop your iPhone from being Call Ended immediately during the call and Call Failed while dialing out, but some people found out that these really helps such problem.

When you are trying these steps, I assume you already have good standing with your sim-card and well-covered in provider’s cell tower. Also, the signal bars on the top left corner showing good reception.

  1. Tap Settings → General → Date and Time → Switch OFF the “Set Automatically” option and select your LOCATION manually. Then set the date and time on your iPhone manually as well).
  2. SettingsPhoneShow My Caller ID → Switch ON the “Show My Caller ID” option.

    If the Show My Caller ID option inactive, you cannot change this option for some reasons. You can use cydia tweak called Caller ID SBSettings Toggle to change caller ID option on iPhone.
    Additional: Turn off Call Forwarding and Call Waiting as well.

  3. However, I often experiencing Call Failed due to signal drop. In this case, Apple’s Bumper case for iPhone 4 would be very helpful to reduce signal-drop’s rate and decrease Call Failed accident.

I hope you have better voice phone call using your iPhone and minimize the call failed problem after applying steps provided on SenseiPhone.

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