35% of Americans want the iPhone 5 without even seeing it

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One of many iPhone 5 concepts

One of many iPhone 5 concepts

Although Apple has yet to comment on the iPhone 5 and we are yet to have any confirmed facts about the iPhone 5 35% of the consumers asked if they would buy a iPhone 5 answered they wanted to buy it. 7% of people want to get the iPhone 5 in the first week of its release, 14% within the first month. 51% said they would buy it in the first year of release. 69% would prefer to receive a iPhone 5 as a gift over other popular smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II, Droid Bionic or the Blackberry Curve.

This shows that people trust Apple to release a quality product with the iPhone 5. Very few (if any) other companies have people wanting a product before even knowing anything about it. Wired thinks this is to due to the quality of the Apple App Store and retail stores. For example the App Store is typically regarded as the best mobile app store. Other’s either have too little content (BB App World) or malware apps (Android’s App Market). Also the Apple stores are simple to go to if you need either help or your device getting fixed. You can even download a app to arrange an appointment.


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