4 Important Uses of Fingerprint on iPhone 5S

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Another breakthrough in Apple iPhone innovation is now the talk of the town. Apple will soon release its fingerprint iPhone, which can be easily controlled by the user using biometrics. It is rumored that this iPhone would have a sensor to recognize a user’s fingerprint.

This fingerprint feature has 3 important uses.

Fingerprint on iPhone 5S

Fingerprint on iPhone 5S

1. Device log-in
It can be used to log in to the device. Instead of using a password or a code, a user can easily access his device by pressing a button with his thumb or passing the thumb through a sensor. This removes the hassle of memorizing a code or a password to log in.
In addition, no one else could log in to the device except the owner. This is a good way of keeping your gadget secure at all times.

2. Online Purchase
It would be easy to make online purchases that require fingerprint as a way of verification. Online purchases can now be made using iPhones. Instead of using a password, the user can utilize his fingerprint as a way to prove his identity. This is convenient since you don’t need to memorize anything in order to complete your transaction. Forgetting your password or making an erroneous entry could be annoying since you would have to do it again or your account could be suspended. Using an iPhone that allows your fingerprint to confirm your identity would solve this problem.

Apple iPhone Fingerprint Security

Apple iPhone Fingerprint Security

3. Keeping Files Secure

Nowadays, most people treat their iPhones like their personal computers. They keep files on them. Files can be kept in a Dropbox, which requires password before it could be opened to browse the files. Passwords can be forgotten or can be stolen, but not a fingerprint. By using biometrics instead of passwords, the owner will be the only one who can access his files on his iPhone.

4. Verifying iTunes

When buying from the App Store, a user has to use an iTunes ID. With the latest iPhone feature, a person can use
his fingerprint to purchase from the store. It would be unnecessary for him to use a code or password.

The usability of the latest iPhone from Apple lies in the fact that the hassle of remembering passwords is eradicated. Swiping a finger could make using the device more convenient.

It’s just a give short how it’s gonna be and I think it will be more than this!

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