iPhone 5 Release Date

Study Reveals That 41% of Mobile Users Plan To Purchase iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Release DateIt is not yet sure that Apple will launch iPhone 5 next week, but the rumors and discussions over the same have become the hottest topic in the tech world. While the company is getting ready to unveil the newest version of its smart phones, many research firms have already released their study reports on how the customers will respond to it. InMobi, the independent ad network, said in a report that their study could find 41 percent of the smart phone users in the United States, Canada and Mexico plan to purchase iPhone 5.

According to the reports, more than half of the people who wish to purchase iPhone 5 are planning to buy it within the first six months of launch. Although 41% is a big figure, this will only happen if Apple launches iPhone 5, not an upgraded iPhone 4. There were only 15% of people interested in buying the new smart phone if it is an upgraded version of iPhone 4.

How many mobile users will buy iPhone 5?

If the smart phone users interested in buying iPhone 5 are further categorized, 52% of BlackBerry users, 27% of Android users and 51% of the present iPhone users have plans to upgrade to iPhone 5.

No official confirmation has been made by Apple yet, but the reports show that the employees’ vacation plans have been blocked due to the October event.

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