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iOS 7 BETA 5 Released for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini & iPod touch

iOS 7 beta was just released with a few improvements. Check out the video below for a full demo of what is new in iOS 7 beta 5.


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What is new in iOS 7 beta 5:

  • Control Center – Control Center’s settings now allow the function to be turned off while in apps, preventing Control Center from being accessed from the bottom of the screen while playing games or otherwise using apps.
  • Notifications – Banner notifications can now be pulled down to access additional information.
  • Twitter – The Twitter icon has been redesigned. Rather than a white bird on a blue background, it now depicts a blue bird on a white background.
  • Power Off – The slider bar that displays when the iPhone is being powered off has been slightly altered.
  • Boot Screen – When installing iOS 7 beta 5, many iPhone 5 users noted that the color of the boot screen matched their devices, with a white screen used for white phones and a black screen used for black phones. This differentiation appears to be limited to the iPhone 5 at this point in time as iPad owners and older iPhone users have not noticed the change. [*CONFIRMED*]

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