67% of Blackberry owners plan to switch to the iPhone

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RIM, the manufacturer of the once popular Blackberry appears to be dying as many Blackberry owners (even die hard fans) want to get a iPhone. 26% of Blackberry owners intend to get a Blackberry the next time they buy a new phone. 94% of iPhone users on the other hand plan the stick with Apple. Android is doing better than RIM but still has only 42% of their customers wanting their next smartphone to be running the Android OS.

RIM’s failing Blackberry line might be due to the increased customer demand for touchscreens. 5-6 years ago the QWERTY keyboard that the Blackberries sported was all the rage however now people are starting to come to terms with on-screen keyboards, some even preferring them due to their ‘dynamical’ element. That is the ability for you to change keyset/language etc at ease. Another failing part is mobile internet. Now people want a desktop-like browsing experience that the Blackberry OS just doesn’t offer. In comparison to Apple’s Mobile Safari and Android’s browser, Blackberries browser is still lagging behind. Finally the main draw for the Blackberry was it’s email service. It still is as good as it ever was but other phones are catching up quickly.

Of course this news has caused RIM’s shares to drop. They now stand at $22 a share, down from $24 with many investors believing that RIM’s shares will continue to drop and even new handsets and OS couldn’t turn things around.

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