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The 6 Best iPhone Accessories for Workout

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Nothing helps move a workout along like some great workout songs, and, thankfully, the days of hissing cassettes and skipping CD players are long gone. Cellphones with integrated music players like the iPhone let you bring an entire library of tunes along for great-sounding, skip-free audio motivation.

When training, running, or lifting, you need stats and music to keep you motivated, and the iPhone capabilities are making that doable in new modern ways. Of all the innovations the iPhone has started from the business world to everyday communication, none outweighs the revolution to your personal workout. Consider these accessories the next time you go out for a workout and enjoy taking your exercise routine to a higher level.

Here is a rundown of some of the best iPhone accessories while performing exercises.

  1. A Snug Pair of Headphones

    A music player is no good if you simply can’t have the tunes into your ears. The iPhone comes with a pair of Apple’s own earbuds by default, but their slippery plastic shells aren’t well suited to working out. A new pair of form-fitting earbuds are the best upgrade for using the iPhone while working out. Several brands make earbuds that include multiple sets of different-sized silicone adapters to ensure a tight fit. However, even the snuggest earbuds are prone to slippage during vigorous exercises.
    If you are a runner, a good alternative are a pair of behind-the-head banded headphones. These have fallen out of favor in recent years as more people turn to earbuds, but they offer a nearly unshakeable perch from which to blare music. Quality of sound is usually much better than an equally priced earbud, since it’s harder to get large sound out of small speakers. The main downside is that the band can be an aggravation when you are performing exercises that require lying down, such as bench press exercise.

    Some good alternative of headphones for workout:

    1. Sony MDR-AS20J Active Style Headphones with Soft Loop Hangers

    2. Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

    3. Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports Earbud Headphones

  2. Armband Case

    On the subway or at the grocery store, your iPhone probably sits in your pocket.

    iPhone Armband for workout

    Most workout outfits are pocketless, but a snug armband solves that problem. Armbands are generally made of neoprene, which allows them to stretch and keeps them from irritating the skin. The iPhone goes in a transparent pocket, usually constructed from a conductive material that allows for control of the iPhone while it’s in the armband. While they do offer a matter of protection, general purpose armbands are not usually totally sealed. So, if you need total environmental sealing, look for a completely waterproof case.

  3. Waterproof Case

    A variety of waterproof cases exist, some built like the neoprene armband, others in rigid plastic cases.
    For a simple waterproof protector for iPhone during workout, you may have a look at waterproof skin case cover from iOttie.

    It’s important to note that some cases may be sold as “weatherproof,” which only ensures that they will keep water out if you get caught running in the ran. If you wish to completely submerse your iPhone, you’ll need a “waterproof” case. These cases interface with specially designed waterproof headphones, creating a total system to let you enjoy your music while swimming laps or doing aquatic physical therapy.

  4. Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

    Every serious athlete is aware that the heart rate monitor is an invaluable training benefit. Used to track exertion, heart rate monitors allow athletes to observe whether they are really training within a certain range of effort or not. Casual fitness fans can take benefit from this technology too. Garmin Heart-Rate Monitor

    Attached to a chest belt, the monitor sits on the user’s core, tracks the heart rate and beams it to the iPhone through Wireless bluetooth technology. Monitoring heart rate will help newbie athletes to make sure that they are working hard enough in order to see the results.

  5. Nike+

    Various apps are available to increase the efficiency of your workout, but one particular capability is a must for runners, GPS and stat-tracking. Nike+ apps is an integrated hardware and software system intended for runners.

    Nike+ Apps and Accessories for workout

    Users place a sensor on their own shoe (some Nike shoes have a special pocket for it within the sole), which transmits distance information to the iPhone. The iPhone will then talk to the runner, relaying time, pace, distance traveled and calories burned. This all occurs while music is playing. After the run, the iPhone can wirelessly transmit all of that information to a home PC or Nike’s servers, letting users track progress and share milestones with other runners.

  6. Garmin Fit App with ANT+ Adapter

    Garmin ANT Adapter iPhone Accessories for workout One of the great things about working out with the iPhone is that it is not merely a music player, but a source of information and organization. Nike caught on to this trend with Nike+ and the associated chip technology, but Garmin is breaking new ground with its ANT+ adapter, a plug-in that not only keeps track of your stats while on iPhone but can also be able to plug in to exercise machines and heart-rate monitors for even more fitness capabilities.
    These apps and the associated hardware and software seem to be the next wave of fitness technology.

    You can also put it together with Garmin Heart-Rate Monitor

Author Bio: Monica H. is a freelance writer, Apple enthusiast, and runner.

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