Activity Tracker App for iPhone “FootPrints: M7 Pedometer & Activity Tracker”

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Activity Tracker App for iPhone

If you are looking for A REAL activity tracker app for your iPhone, consider this one. A brand new iOS app which really makes use of the potential new Apple’s technologies and it’s coprocessor M7.

It counts your steps to improve your health, but it doesn’t stop at this point, it gives you a new way to take advantage of this information by allocating a specific event and calculating what you’ve done within this event.

FootPrints: M7 Pedometer & Activity Tracker

We know that there are many applications that calculates your activity through your movement, but there is no any of them specifically tells you how many steps you made within a specific event and what is your activity in this event compared to previous activities.

This application makes you learn all about your activities and more than that, it opens new way for you to find out more

FootPrints: M7 Pedometer & Activity Tracker developed by Tarek Mansour and it’s just released for the first time at Feb 01, 2014. Click here to purchase this app:
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