“Android Delete” Cydia Tweaks: Android-style to delete iPhone apps

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Tweak Name: Android Delete
Repo source: BigBoss
Price: Paid Cydia Tweak ($1.49)
Requirements: iOS 4.0 or higher

Delete Applications Android Style on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

iPod Touch Helping presents you a video to show you a cool way to delete your applications on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with an android-style to deleting apps.

Cydia Tweak Android Delete
As usual, before you can apply this Cydia tweak, you will need to jailbreak your device and have Cydia installed.

To get this open up Cydia and search for Android Delete. Once you’ve found it, install it.

Then when you go to delete any apps, tap and hold the app’s icon for a few seconds until the icons starts jiggling and you will get a trash icon appears at the bottom of the screen. I can then drag the icon with my finger onto the trash can and viola, I just deleted the app.

A message then appears asking for confirmation, then you have the option to delete or cancel the deletion.

It’s a very quick and cool way to delete applications on your iDevice with this android style tweak.

Anyway, why pay $1.49 only to showing a trash-like icon on the bottom of iPhone screen and let you drag apps’ icon into it to delete the apps rather than tapping the “X” button to delete apps like a normal way.
Well, some people may scream, wow that’s cool. Or, a friend that showing-off an android-style apps deletion in front of you could be silent when he/she found out that your iPhone/iPod Touch also has the same feature.
Apart from those two reasons, I don’t see any reasons why you should buy it.
So, personally I don’t recommend to spend more than a buck for such Cydia tweak. Well, you decide.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video.

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