Aah! Rocket App Review

App Review: Aah! Rocket

Aah Rocket app review

App Name: Aah! Rocket
Available on: iOS
Price: Free

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Recommendation: Despite great graphics and addicting game play the confusing controls make it hard to pick up on quickly and cause frustration.


Aah! Rocket reminds me of Jetpack Joyride with its unique game play style. The objective of the game is to travel as high as you can in your rocket while avoiding things such as airplanes and meteors. The user controls the rocket through touch gestures such as tapping the screen. These touch gestures allow you to either slow down the rocket to avoid obstacles, or speed up to reach higher altitudes faster. Like Jetpack Joyride, upgrades can be purchased through coins that are earned during game play. Coins can be earned by obtaining new heights and collecting in game objects or through in-app purchases. Upgrades to the rocket include better thrusters, acceleration, and even all new rockets.


The Good:

Aah! Rocket sports many great features that really show off gaming on iOS. The graphics are very fast-paced and have bright, colorful images. The game is quite addicting as you try to reach new heights and upgrade your rocket and levels. Users are given lots of options when it comes to game play. The user controls both the speed of the rocket and its direction through built in accelerometer control that makes maneuvering through the atmosphere a breeze! (Pun intended) The ability to upgrade the rocket and purchase abilities really adds to the game play options. The game offers GameCenter support along with achievements that you can share with your friends.


The Bad:

Despite the great infrastructure of the game, the game play controls are quite bad. The touch gestures are hard to figure out for a first time player and make the game play experience extremely frustrating. The game is advertised as face-paced and the game holds true to that statement. A little too much. The game play is so fast-paced that it is hard to control the rocket. Unlike many games that start out slowly and build up to a faster pace, the game simply begins and breakneck speeds which can be hard to pick up on. The game also puts too much emphasis on buying coins and upgrading the rocket and not enough emphasis on a well designed game play. Every time a game ends a pop up prompts you to spend coins in order to save the rocket which can be annoying and unlike that of games such as Jetpack Joyride where the ability to use coins and purchase upgrades is concealed at the start menu.



If you stick with the game long enough the controls become easier, but still effect game play. Due to its fast-paced game play and difficult controls I would recommend this game to older kids and adults who enjoy the challenge. I would like to see this game with a few tweak such as a slower build up of pace during game play and a better setup of the upgrading system. If these improvements are made this game is sure to be an iOS hit! Keep your eye out for updates.

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