App Review: Angry Birds Space HD for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch

Angry Birds Space HD

App Name: Angry Birds Space
Available: iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch
iPad – $2.99 / iPhone & iPod Touch – $0.99

Angry Birds Space HD is the latest installment to the popular series known as Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Space HD, as you may have guess already, takes place in space! With the addition of brand new birds, new superpowers, 60 levels, zero-gravity space adventures, hidden bonus levels, and more, you’ll find yourself playing this game for hours. The addition of it being in space and having zero-gravity makes the game more fun and challenging. You will have to strategize how to launch the birds to knock down and eliminate all the pigs! The gameplay is far more fun than the original and feels like it has been re-designed.

I, honestly, wasn’t a huge fan of the series, but after playing Angry Birds Space HD on The New iPad, my opinion has changed. The visuals are stunning with the new retina display, and the gameplay is quite addictive.

JBTech’s Rating:  out of 5

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