App Review: Chicks and Turtles

Chicks and Turtles apps review

App Name: Chicks and Turtles
Available on: iOS/Android
Price: iOS → Free (currently), Android → $0.99
Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Recommendation: This game might appeal to younger children more than serious mobile gamers or even your everyday Angry Birds fanatic.


Chicks and Turtles is a simple frogger-style game in which baby chicks bounce across a sea of deadly waters on the backs of turtles. The object of the game is to rescue as many chicks as possible before time runs out. From time to time power ups will appear over the turtles back enticing the user to anxiously jump onto the turtles to snatch them. But be careful, because the turtles begin diving towards the seafloor signified by an ! over the turtles head. Successful attempts to catch power ups results in a time extension allowing the user to rescue more chicks. For the users who love to share their high scores with others, the game comes packed with OpenFeint and GameCenter support.


The Good:

My favorite part about this game was the simplicity of the objective. Simple games sell. The game is very straightforward with no confusion on the controls. This is a great alternative for smaller children who may not be ready to tackle a game such as Infinity Blade or Feed Me Oil. You can simply open the app, press play, and begin saving the baby chicks from their untimely demise. The graphics offer a cartoonish feel with bright colors that will appeal to younger children while also offering simple controls to allow for ease of use.


The Bad:

The game tends to be repetitive in that there are no additional levels or change in scenery during game play. While the game can be addicting (I myself find that I must save the baby chicks!), it does not offer very much diversity in game play. Also the controls look a bit out of date. The two arrows at the bottom of the screen which the user taps to make the chick move forwards or backwards should probably be removed and just allow touch gestures on the left and right parts of the screen in order to control the chicks. A frustrating element of the game play was the gravity, which seemed to be a bit too strong. The jumping motion of the chicks did not feel natural.



Chick and Turtles is the perfect game for young children who enjoy playing games on iOS/Android devices. It offers simple, easy to learn controls and will keep them entranced in the game for hours. However for anyone over the age of 10 the game will lose interest quickly. The game just simply does not have enough to offer to give that “can’t get enough” mentality.

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