AppDialer Cydia Tweak, a NEW way to Open Apps

Tweak Name: AppDialer
Repo source: BigBoss
Price: Free Cydia Tweak

AppDialer, a NEW Shortcut for Opening Apps on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

iPod Touch Helping with his video showing you a cool new cydia tweak called AppDialer which will let you open up many different shortcuts at one time.

Some of you may gonna say it’s a dumb cydia tweak, why not just open-up the application yourself, but you can many things to do and it does save time, so this is a cool little shortcut to use.

As usual, before you can apply this tweak to your device, you will need to jailbreak the device and get Cydia installed.

Let’s get it started.

First open up Cydia and search for AppDialer. Once selected, click on Install at the top right hand side. You will then need to re-spring your iDevice and go the home screen.

Press Settings so you will configure everything on AppDialer. Scroll down the Settings List and choose AppDialer. Tap on Activation Methods and you will see a couple of different ways to launch AppDialer. In this video, Tap and Hold the status bar is the method to activate AppDialer menu. You can choose your own method.

Let’s see on the example, short hold on the status bar, the application pops up, so you’re choosing how to activate it by this setting.

Once you’ve chosen the activation setting, you can choose a few other things. You can chose a Pattern Mode which is what I’m using right now, or the number mode. It’s the same as the Pattern mode but instead of having a cool little swipe, you have the numbers that pop up and you can click the numbers to go to that shortcut. I’ll show you what I mean.

I press on Pattern, then you can see on the screen I have one that’s the numbers 123 and one that’s 14789. These numbers just represent different motions. I’ll show you how to add a new pattern.

Tap Add Item, Then swipe across the screen in any direction you like. Imagine a keypad with 9 digits in 3 rows. Across the top you have 123, 456 in the middle row and 789 across the bottom row. By swiping my finger from top left to bottom right I’m choosing numbers 1, 5 and 9 and up from the bottom right (9) to top right, I get the pattern 15963. When I release my finger it takes me back to the Pattern screen and I can see the new one has already been added.

Then click on the new number, then click on Activation Events, then scroll down the list that appears to find an application that we want to open with this number pattern. In my case I’ll choose Settings.

Then press OK. Go back to the home screen to test it. Tap and hold the Status Bar (or any other activate method you’ve set-up) to access the AppDialer. When the AppDialer screen pops up, trace your finger over the same pattern as the one you just created and Settings app should opened.

If you want to try the Dial Setting, you can go into AppDialer Setting, turn off the Pattern Mode, then tap Dial Settings. Tap Add Item, then add the numbers individually. For example, press 123, then press Call. The newly entered 123 will appear ion a list. Press the 123 item, then press Activation Events, then as before choose an application to open with this 123. For an example, I’ll choose AppStore. Then press OK.

Go back to the home screen and open up AppDialer (press Status Bar). Then the AppDialer appears with a numbered keypad and you press 123 then Call then the App Store has opened.

That’s it for this video. We hope you like this free cydia tweak. Checkout other Cydia apps and tweaks.

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