Apple announces iCloud pricing and available apps

iCloudApple only recently launched iCloud beta for developers. If you don’t already know iCloud brings syncing and data storage capabilities to your device. Access to is currently only available if you are a registered developer.

When iCloud was announced at WWDC 2011, Steve Jobs said that you would get 5GB of free storage for your documents, backups, contacts, calenders and mail. The 5GB limit does not apply to media purchased from the iTunes store including apps. It also doesn’t apply to photos taken on your device which have a specific limit of 30 days in the cloud regardless of size.

If 5GB of free storage isn’t enough then you can pay to get more with 10GB of data costing $20/year, 20GB for $40/year and 50GB for $100/year.

iCloud is set to replace MobileMe but don’t worry! Find my iPhone will be a part of iCloud. You can also view, upload and download Keynote, Numbers and Pages documents via iCloud but you can’t edit them on iCloud which is a shame as it could seriously rival Google Docs. However it will make document management easy as you can say, start a document on your Mac, edit it on your iPhone and finish it off on your iPad while keeping it all in perfect sync.

iCloud is the fundamental change in iOS 5 and is a sign that Apple is committed to creating true post-PC devices.

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