Apple's Assitant Interface

Apple’s Siri Assistant Interface For The New iPhone

Many reports had appeared regarding Apple’s attempts on new speech recognition technology to be integrated to the new iPhone, and some of them were just ignored as rumors from unknown sources.

The report on TechCrunch, which appeared after the company acquired Siri, anticipated the possibilities of Apple starting discussions with Nuance Technologies to buy its speech recognition technology. Another report that appeared on 9to5Mac mentioned the some of the features on the upcoming iPhone to be released on October 4th. Although some Mac lovers didn’t take it into value, most part of the report were the same as mentioned earlier by some others.

Now, latest reports reveal that one of the exclusive features on the upcoming iPhone will be the voice recognition technology that is emerged from the technologies of Siri and Nuance. If the reports are true, the new speech recognition feature will allow users to speak to their smart phone in order to send messages, schedule appointments or retrieve any info from their devices. It was also reported that the voice recognition feature on iPhone will be the most accurate developed so far.

Apple's Assitant Interface

MacRumors has created an artist rendition (given above) based on the information available. It shows that a long press on the Home button would lead the screen to fade and slide down, the way it does on multitasking. The silver icon revealed, with an animated purple that is orbiting, show the ready state. This could be something close to the actual representation of the upcoming Assistant Interface.

After that, the conversation view that the users may view will be similar to Siri’s interface, but with a different styling by Apple.

iOS 5 Assistant Video demo by Macrumors:

Jan-Michael Cart, contracted with MacRumors, has created a video showcasing the work-flow of the Assistant. Cart, who had worked with a lot of iOS concept videos, came up with something that can be expected from the Assistant when it is functioning. Although the lack of time restricted them from adding all elements to the video, it shows the general workflow of Apple’s Assistant interface.

The Assistant shows the spoken commands back before proceeding to the next step and so on. It is believed that the feature, which is considered as one of the unique differentiator from the other smart phones, will be showcased on the Apple even on Tuesday, 4th October.


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