Apple could revolutionize Television by 2012 with the Apple-iTV

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We all know how technology at Apple has evolved. At very first there was the Mac, revolution in music happened with the iPod, after further digitization the iPhone blew gadget geeks and now the iPad is changing the way we compute. With Steve Jobs announcing his retirement as Apple’s CEO the reins of handing technology’s future now lies with Tim Cook. It seems they have already come up with a grand new revolution and this time it is sure to change and capture the television industry. Looks like this was the next best industry just after computing, music and communication!

Firstly this doesn’t seem to surprise those who have closely been following Apple’s conquers. After smart communication; smart TV that is integrated with the iOS was the only logical advancement. According to a few internet rumors, an unknown Apple executive has made future plans about the smart TV with the iOS known to outsiders. According to the rumor mill, this new Apple product is slated for release sometime during the end of 2012 or early 2013. The rumor further states that Apple has been in continuing talks with a well known TV manufacture to help them get started with their Apple branded iTV.

Just a few years ago Apple had introduced their multimedia set top box that streamed programs and multimedia content to an existing TV. That’s where the idea ended and there were not many who were really interested in it. According to Apple standards it was a flop; however Steve Jobs gave a much easier tag saying that it was “Just a hobby.”

The iTV sounds like an amazing plan, and although introduced after the Apple set top box, an apt cousin to it. Imagine the possibilities it holds, downloading programs and multimedia from iTunes, surf the internet as well as watch your favorite TV programs, play games, amazing technology and lots more. You might just have to sell your DVD player Blu Ray, PS3 and even get rid of your Cable connection. Visualize the number of cables and wires you also get rid of, your iTV space will now look cleaner and in tune with technology!

The iTV does sound like the best next tech gadget that the market is now ready for. The simple reason being that people would love to have a single screen that can access just about everything and anything they would love, with just the click of a few buttons that is no mess and very easy.

It does sound very interesting, and for those who have already heard about this technology, like me, just can’t wait to get their hands on it. It is revolutionary technology that is sure to change the way we pursue television for the better. I also assume that the iTV will also have aesthetic design and will be a great product quality wise. After all it’s an Apple!

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