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Apple disabling non-developer activation’s of iOS 5 beta?

iOS 5's logoA report from Karthikk claims that Apple are disabling “non-developer” devices that are running the iOS 5 beta. It has been expected as many sites now sell UDID ‘slots’ which enable a device to download and run iOS 5. However many people have their doubts saying that it is impossible for Apple to determine if a device is been used, as intended, by a developer and so such a move would have to be on guess work, which I doubt Apple would do. Each developer gets 100 UDID slots so that developers can beta test their upcoming apps with some iOS device users. When the developers do register a UDID they are not asked if the device belongs to the developers.

However the report does also suggest that Apple are going after sites that are selling these UDID slots to people that are not developers, rather just want to give iOS 5 a spin. However Apple cannot find out which developers are selling UDID’s unless they specifically advertise that they are. So people selling UDID slots without advertising them online are probably safe from Apple.

Some developers have claimed to have their developer account shut down as they were selling their UDID slots.

My iOS developer account was disabled by Apple recently, last month, as it had appeared that I was breaking the agreement (iOS PLA) by distributing Apple confidential data.

Granted, I was selling UDID slots.

So, unless you are openly selling UDID slots then you are probably alright.

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