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Apple Will Make The iPhone 6 Display The ‘Killer App’

Image Source: highsnobiety
Image Source: highsnobiety

We all are talking about the next-gen Apple iPhone with respect to screen size and Sapphire glass, but there is definitely more into it. It is rumored that the next iPhone will be having a superior quality of display which will help to match up the competition of Samsung which provides AMOLED display.

As per the news reported by Forbes

The iPhone 6 display will be a significant improvement over any other LCD smartphone.  It will use the same Quantum Dot technology as the Kindle Fire HDX 7, but with an Apple twist. It will deliver a much wider color gamut than the Fire. Amazon compromised on color gamut in favor of color reproduction accuracy.

There are several reasons for believing that Apple will use Quantum Dot (QD) technology and that the iPhone 6 will be a major coup for Nanosys, a company that holds over 300 patents in QD and counts Samsung as one of its major investors.

Source: Forbes

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