Apple needs to offer 7-day trial app purchase in Taiwan

Taipei, June 28, Apple App Store for Taiwan reported has agreed to change its return policy from none to 7 days.

At the request of Taipei City Hall, Apple agreed to let their phone users have a trial period of seven days, within which a user can return the app for a full refund.

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But Apple has not changed their policy regarding 7-day trial purchase for their app store items yet. Taiwan’s consumer protection law stipulates that consumers are entitled to a seven-day trial period after purchasing any products via Internet, including cell phone software applications.

An official said the lack of a return and refund mechanism violated the Consumer Protection Act. In an example of the problem the city government is trying to prevent, Yeh cited a case of software bought on Apple Store on Thursday that did not work, but left the buyer without recourse.

Taiwan government found that Apple and Google had violated the law and ordered both of them to alter their trading rules on June 8. While Apple seems friendly with the country-specific rules, Google became “unfriendly”. “Google refused to change its rules” said Betty Chen, the head of a consumer protection at the city government.

However, still no clear words from Apple saying they are accepting 7-day trial purchase for Taiwan iTunes app store.

Under the terms of service for Google’s Android Market, consumers are allowed only 15 minutes to decide whether they want a refund after buying an app online.

But Google clearly acts as they are not to obey the rules hence Taipei City government slapped Google with a fine of NT$1 million (US$34,482.7) to decline the rules.

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