Apple is now pricing iPhone & iPad aggressively

Apple iPad Air & iPhone 5s
Apple iPad Air & iPhone 5s

With the rumors coming up about the next iPhone as well as the next iPad, there is a downward trend seen in the sales of iPhone as people tend to spend more and buy the new iPhone on contract in USA. Recently, Walmart which is the world’s largest retailer has cut down the price to nearly $50 which makes the new iPhone 5S available on-contract for $119 for the 16 GB variant. Not just iPhone, but now Target which is one the top electronics mega store in USA has started a $150 trade-in offer on buying a newer version of iPad in replacement of iPad 2. This gives a notion that Apple are speedily gearing for the next-gen devices.

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New Apple promotions from Walmart and Target may be enticing enough for holdouts to finally upgrade to the newest iPhone and iPad

Walmart is getting aggressive and beating out Best Buy’s current $50 discount on iPhone 5s by dropping the price all the way down to $119, according to CNN Money. This is one of the lowest prices we have ever seen for Apple’s flagship smartphone. You can push the price even lower by trading in your old gadgets(smartphones, video games, tablets, more) for Walmart gift cards. The colorful iPhone 5c will be slashed to just $29. Both deals are for the 16GB models on a 2-year contract. Best Buy’s promotion is slightly better for our loyal readers who locked in their free $50 gift card from the electronics retailer.

Starting this Sunday, Target is guaranteeing a gift card of at least $150 for iPad 2 (or newer) trade-ins (via TechnoBuffalo). A quick comparison of other trade-in specialists like Gazelle show that $150 for a ‘good’ condition iPad 2 is slightly above market value. In addition to the inflated trade-in value, Target will also give you an extra $30 gift card if you purchase a new iPad from them. That means you can turn your outdated iPad 2 into a Retina iPad mini for just $220 out of pocket or less if your trade is worth more than the minimum amount. Target is also boosting used smartphone trade-ins by $50 when you purchase a new iPhone 5s/5c with a 2-year agreement.

Meanwhile MacMall offers an iPad 4 with AT&T LTE  for the $399 price of an iPad 2 (tax in 5 states)

Source: @9to5Mac 

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