AT&T vs Verizon vs Sprint Coverage Comparison (Voice and Data)

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Before choosing the right carrier, you should understand your needs. Ask yourself where and when you will mostly using your phone. Will it be used at home, at work, travelling? Do you use it alot during the day? night? or weekends?

Carrier Coverage AT&T Sprint Verizon

You should also understand your coverage area, since it is not available everywhere and varies based on a number of factors. So you may have a very strength signal in some area, but having a low one within a few places, or even no coverage at all. Understanding coverage area where you will be using the phone at most is really important.

Voice and data coverage area is different, ask yourself if you mostly use either voice call, data, or both voice and data. Though these maps show very general coverage for entire regions. The maps are provided for informational purposes only and that actual coverage may vary. Don’t forget to get a trial period of the carrier to test the coverage area, if possible. Some wireless providers offer trial periods. While in the trial period, you may want to test out the phone within the areas where you intend to use it often to find out if the actual coverage satisfies your expectations.

Verizon vs ATT vs Sprint compares only AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint carriers here since they’re the biggest network in the U.S and officially supported carriers by Apple company (since the iPhone 4S launch). We may add some other carriers such as T-Mobile later on

AT&T vs Verizon vs Sprint Coverage Comparison.

AT&T Voice Coverage Area

AT&T Voice Coverage area

AT&T Data Coverage Area

AT&T Data Coverage Area
detailed AT&T coverage area can be seen here:

Verizon Voice Coverage Area

Verizon Voice Message Coverage Area

Verizon Data Coverage Area

Verizon Data 4G 3G Coverage Area
more detailed Verizon Wireless coverate location, you may visit

Sprint Voice Coverage Area

Sprint Voice Coverage Area

Sprint Data Coverage Area

Sprint Data Coverage
for detailed Sprint coverage, click here

If you have used more than one carriers, you can help the other within your area to compare AT&T vs Verizon or AT&T vs Sprint or Verizon vs Sprint coverage by mentioning your area and which carrier is the best based on your experiences in that area.

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