Android loader- Replaces dock with little blue dot and puts apps all in one place

Hey everybody, This is a kool tweak, giving you a new loader at the bottom where you dock was. It gives a little blue dot when you swipe the dot up it pulls a music player with a switcher from left to right and and play and pause it is blue and white then scroll down and you have your apps and it is nice amazing and over all a good tweak an 9 out of 10 to me so enjoy it and likes comment and subscribe

Top 10 Cydia Tweaks of October- Part 2

Hey everybody, This is a video for my top 10 tweaks of October! So, like, favorite, tweet, share, get the word out and watch it! Tell me what you think of some of the tweaks. Some are IOSLife, Aquaboard, and BannerBoarders. So subscribe,like,and comment for more videos like jailbreaking!

CameraTweak-New camera features such as a timer

This is a tweak called Camertweak, it gives some very nice features to the camera. All the features in my opinion should have been stock, but i’m very glad to see them in this tweak. The features it adds well a few are, brightness feature, a timer, and much more so I hope you enjoy the tweak! Ps. Subscribe doing a Top 5 cydia tweaks soon, and a giveaway when I get 100K video views total and 500-1k subscribe so subscribe and stay tuned!

Appstorelous 3- A nice addition to installous

This is a tweak called Appstorelous. It let’s you sort of get apps from the app store directly.It’s a good tweak and will be in my Top 10 cydia tweaks video soon so stay tuned and I just had to do a review on it! It has amazing features the developer put into so much work and I am so glad he did it is spectacular! Well anyways, subscribe to me like the video and be sure to comment for more! Thanks everyone.