Best 10 Flappy Bird Clones iOS Apps March 2, 2014

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MacRumores recently reported over 24 over period, 293 iOS games were released in iTunes App store with 95 being Flappy Bird Clones.  Needless to say, we can’t review all 293 games so we decided to share the Best 10 Clones we thought users would most enjoy.

Watch the video below for a look at out Best 10 Flappy Bird Clones iOS Apps for March 2, 2014.  Please take a moment to share this socially and subscribe to our channel before leaving.

iPhone 6 Rumors and Photos February 2014

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We have seen many different mock ups of the new iPhone 6 Air.  However, as we approach September these rumors will be more ramped.  Sonny Dickson has been one of the most respected blogs for sharing leaked photos on the web.  We have put together a short video with some of the most recent mock ups and photos with a little touch of our commentary added into it.  We hope you enjoy.  Please take a brief moment to share this and subscribe to our channel.  We put in many long hours to bring this information to you and if you want to repay us simply hit that share and subscribe button.

Apple iWatch Rumors With New Photos



Many Apple users have been waiting patiently for the release of the iWatch.  Since the other large smartphone companies are developing wearables it only makes good sense to thing Apple will do the same.   There are many awesome mock ups floating around the web.  We have share the latest rumors with photos.  We hope you enjoy and please subscribe after watching the video below.

Top Five Paid Winterboard Themes iOS 7 2014

Top Five Paid Winterboard Themes iOS 7 2014

What is your favorite Winterboard themes on iOS 7?
There are a lots of theme stuffs in Cydia for all iPhone models including iPhone 5S/5C, iPhone 5 and older models.

We have composed a video with the Top five winterboard Themes for iOS 7 for 2014.  Users enjoy theming their devices many different ways so we hope you enjoy these five paid themes today.  Please take a brief moment to share these themes with all your social media friends.