Benefits of Jailbreaking iPhone (also iPad and iPod Touch)

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What are benefits of jailbreaking iPhone? It’s a common question of new comer in jailbreak world.

Welcome to the jailbreak community,

in this page, will show you a bit benefits of jailbreaking iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Though we cannot tell you all of the best benefits of jailbreak, we’ll do the best to cover the most used and benefical jailbreak stuff.

What benefits will you get if you jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch? Let’s get it started, but remember, this is just a small pieces of jailbreak advantages. More jailbreak advantages can be found on Cydia Apps & Tweak section on and you’ll find best jailbreak apps and tweaks every month.

  1. Free iPhone Unlock with Ultrasn0w.

    Most people wanted to jailbreak because they heard that unlocking iPhone can be done through jailbreaking. Jailbreak and Unlock, it’s two different terms, but ultrasn0w unlock is related to jailbreak due to dependency.

    free iPhone unlock jailbreak

    In order to get free unlock for iPhone with utlrasn0w, you will need to jailbreak the iPhone beforehand. Unlike unlocking iPhone with IMEI or using Turbo SIM interposer, where the jailbreak is not necessary, ultrasn0w unlock requires a jailbreak.

  2. Customize iPhone Themes, Designs, Lockscreen, Bootlogo, Custom SMS Tone, lots more.

    Have you ever seen such interface on your friends’ iPhone screen?

    Changing iPhone theme cannot be done without jailbreak. You can also have custom SMS tones, boot logo, changing fonts, keyboard layout, etc.

  3. Useful Cydia Apps and Tweaks

    I can’t call every single useful cydia apps and cool cydia tweaks. But here are some of them, who may really interest you.

    • SBSettings
      SBSettings is one of the most favorited jailbreak tweak. SBSettings is definitely beneficial jailbreak tweak since it allows you to toggle switches that available on Settings app including but not limited to Brigthness, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, etc from any apps screen without need to close the currrent app you’re using, just like how you pull out the Notification Center on iOS 5. It’s much more faster than opening Settings app to toggle the ON/OFF switch, by simply swiping the status bar or tap the status bar of your iPhone screen.

      sbsettings jailbreak advantage tweak

    • Enable Facetime over 3G

      Have you ever wanted to make a FaceTime video call without Wi-Fi?
      Steve Jobs said “FaceTime’s going to be Wi-Fi only in 2010. We need to work a little bit with the cellular providers to get ready for the future, so we’re Wi-Fi only in 2010” at the first time FaceTime for iPhone was launched in 2010. It’s 2012 now, are you still waiting Apple to “work a little bit” with cellular providers while Skype is working fine over 3G network with the current celluar providers?

      Here is another jailbreak advantage, you’re a step forward over Apple. Instead waiting Apple to make facetime over 3g possible in near time, you can install some jailbreak tweaks that will allow you to make facetime call using 3G network.
      There’s no app for that, but there is a jailbreak tweak for that.

      enable facetime 3g

      There are several cydia tweaks that lets you to use facetime over 3G.

    • Bluetooth File Transfer

    • At the first day I hold an iPhone in my hand, I was totally unsatisfied with the iPhone’s inability to send any files videos/music/documents or any other file through Bluetooth. But, luckily I found out about jailbreak that allowed me to send/receive files over bluetooth on my iPhone.
      Now there are some iTunes bluetooth apps, but they are still on limited function.

      Bluetooth jailbreak benefits tweak

      Yes, you can send any files through bluetooth after jailbreaking your iPhone, you can even tether Internet connection through bluetooth for other devices.

    • Internet tethering
      Well, talked about internet tethering on iPhone, that would be the next benefit of jailbreak. By default, you will need to pay additional fees to U.S. carriers such as AT&T and Verizon who offer internet tethering on iPhone as an additional service. To enable Personal Hotspot, you’ll need to activate tethering on your cellular data plan.

      Internet tethering

      There is no Personal Hotspot option for unsupported carriers, it doesn’t exist either on supported carriers without subscribing to tethering plan.

      By jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad 3, you can enable Internet tethering without paying as well as sharing internet on unsupported carriers. Lots of carriers outside U.S. who don’t offer internet tethering service. You’ll find some cydia apps that will let you sharing internet connection on iPhone.

      Long before WiFi tethering was introduced on iOS 4.3, jailbreak community had been using free USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi tethering to the iPhone, letting you to share your mobile broadband connection thru USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi.

    • Download YouTube video directly from the iPhone.

      MxTube download youtube jailbreak tweak

      You can download favorite videos from youtube to iPhone easily with a jailbroken device.
      There are some jailbreak apps and tweaks that will let you download youtube video on iPhone, let’s say MxTube. It was previously available on iTunes store, but Apple pulled the app out and now it’s still available for jailbreak community, forever.

    • iFile cydia app, A File Manager and Viewer

      You can navigate through the iPhone file system with iFile cydia app. The one that available on iTunes Store is a bogus app. iFile jailbreak app allows you to view the content of various files directly such as: movies, sound, text, HTML, Microsoft types, PDF, ZIP. You can jump to specific page of PDF document, compressing and decompressing ZIP files is also supported.

      ifile jailbreak share email zip move rename copy

      Files inside your iPhone can be sent as email attachments. You can also edit txt and .plist files directly on the iPhone. You can also access these files from your computer by iFile’s built-in web server. It’s simply an ultimate file manager for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.
      Can you do such thing on non-jailbroken iPhone/iPad?

    • Do more with emails
      If you used to check and send emails a lot using your iPhone, then you should consider to jailbreak and install Mail Enhancer cydia app. Do more with your emails in iOS by installing cydia apps such as Mail Enhancer.

      MailEnhancer Jailbreak Tweak

    • Record your iPhone screen

      ScreenRecorder and DisplayRecorder from Cydia are apps that would let you record your iPhone screen, because your iPhone out of box couldn’t do it.

      record iphone screen jailbreak tweak

      You can record the display screen of your iPhone just like recording your Desktop screen on Windows or Mac computer. The only benefits you’ll get by jailbreaking your iPhone.

    • A great messaging apps

      The Messages app alone wouldn’t be enough for some users. Jailbreak benefits that would change the way you use messaging feature on the iPhone. Messaging apps for jailbroken devices like biteSMS, iRealSMS, or MySMS makes messaging experience on iPhone a lot simpler and effective.

      biteSMS features

      Lots of extra features of biteSMS like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Delivery Reports, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures and much more! You can do more with iRealSMS or MySMS.

    • Unlimited FREE Ringtone and SMS Tones
      Despite the old way of creating custom ringtones for iPhone using iTunes, jailbreak benefits going to make it easier to have custom Ringtones and SMS tones. I’ve mentioned about custom sms tones at the first, but I’d like to talk more about it since Apple launched iTunes Tone Store, which gives you access to many different types of ringtones and sound effects for your iOS.

      Since long time ago, jailbreaking an iPhone will let you download and customize tons of custom ringtones and sms tones for your iPhone for FREE. Then Apple doing the same thing for $$$money.

      sms iphone tones

      Using cydia apps like UnlimTones app even lets you to make custom ringtones and sms tones from your musics library and puts them directly into your Settings.

    • Block Incoming calls, Facetime, block unknown SMS, MMS, iMessage
      All-in-one blocker for incoming calls, incoming facetime call, blocking/filtering sms, mms, and imessage, with a single Cydia apps. It also removes the sms popup preview protecting your privacy, has parental control mode by blocking outgoing calls, can be fully scheduled and many other features.

      iblacklist block calls, messages jailbreak tweak iphone

      Such app has been available for jailbroken devices for a very long time, called iBlacklist. These days, you can find similar apps on iTunes store, but with only limited feature.

It’s just a sneak peek regarding the benefits of jailbreak. You can see more jailbreak benefits on our cydia apps & tweaks section. Don’t forget to check How-to Jailbreak section if you are ready to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

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