Best 10 Free Price-Drop Apps (25 June 2012)

Free iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Apps for 25 June 2012

Looking for cool and free iPhone apps?
Listed below is free iPhone apps of the day.
These apps are used to be paid apps but now they are available for free in limited time.
Remember that these apps are available for free in very limited time, don’t be late

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So, what are free iPhone apps for today?

Though there are more than 10 free iPhone/iPod Touch apps, we only include the top 10 apps for you after we filtered out the rest of crappy apps.

  • PomodoroPro

    PomodoroPro is a timer tailored for people using the Pomodoro Technique and designed specifically for the iPhone.

    If you want to eliminate the anxiety of time and enhance your focus and concentration?

    This app provides a timer to help you implement the Pomodoro Technique which was created in 1992 by Francesco Cirillo and has become very popular as a way of managing time and reducing distractions.

    The Pomodoro Technique helps you apply yourself to tasks by working in units of 25 minutes, separated by short breaks of 5 minutes.

    Download PomodoroPro

  • Fish Crackers

    One of the most advanced assembling puzzles on the App Store is here! Features 400 original puzzles with real 2D physics – move, rotate, and bump pieces as real physical objects. Puzzles are ranged from very simple with 3 pieces only, up to really hard ones with 9 pieces. Gain achievements to earn points and get to #1 place in the leaderboards.

    Download Fish Crackers

  • Speak American

    Most Apps or classes try to teach you 1000s of words you will never need. This App teaches you all the phrases you will very likely need!
    Save time and money by hearing & learning essential phrases like Hello, How Are you, Thanks, Goodbye and many more. If you are good in the basics, you can use the advanced categories business, travel or relationships.

    Download Speak American

  • Dune Rider

    Tear around the desert in your nitro fueled Dune Rider. Jump off sand dunes, ramps, cliffs or whatever you can find and pull mid air stunts. Perform spectacular tricks, earn cash, unlock better cars and discover new worlds for the ultimate ride.

    Download Dune Rider

  • MinoMonsters

    Brace yourself for adventure! Journey to an exciting world filled with incredible MinoMonsters. Choose from tons of Mino species and train your team against others in battle. Each Mino has its own special skills and personality, so choose your Mino wisely. Collect, train, and battle your way to greatness in this insanely addictive adventure game!

    Download MinoMonsters

  • Ski On Neon

    A high speed skier (with questionable fashion sense) jetting though over 36 unique and challenging levels!

    Rule #1. If you can’t do it on a NEON TUBE, then it’s not worth doing!!
    Rule #2. Strange brightly colored spandex suits are MANDATORY!
    Rule #3. Anyone who does things well gets to turn into a FIREBALL!! (Which is weird, right?)

    If you already mastered all the courses, the ‘Red Menace’ level pack gives you the option of 36 MORE LEVELS for just .99 cents. New backgrounds, new achievements and new, more difficult, courses! Feed your frustratingly addictive new habit with the ‘Red Menace’ level pack!!!

    Download Ski On Neon

  • Banca – beautiful currency converter

    A beautiful and powerful currency (exchange) converter, very simple to use.

    · Supports every (non-obsolete) currency in the world
    · Online and offline mode
    · Automatic and manual refresh of the exchange rates
    · Integrated simple calculator with basic operations
    · Quickly convert between multiple currencies
    · Fastest interface to do a series of conversions.

    Download Banca – beautiful currency converter

  • Alive4ever mini: Zombie Party

    Feel the great excitement and enjoyment of eradicating loads of zombies with this fast-paced and thrilling dual-sticks shooter. Pick from dozen of weapons and battle against the human-eating undead. From the creator of the highly-acclaimed Alive 4-ever and Alive 4-ever RETURNS, Meridian is bringing a new style to the series’ amazing zombie killing action.

    Our hero, Leo, finds his home is in wreck and his prestigious limited-edition baseball card is taken by zombies. In order to get back his prized collection, Leo gathers his partners from Team MAAT (Military Assault And Tactics) to travel around the world to destroy the undead and reclaim his treasure (seriously!? Just for a card?). However, human zombies are not the only threat to Leo and his team, numerous animals such as dogs, penguins, pandas, rabbits and pigs have also became zombies to cause havoc and terrify the living.

    Alive4ever mini features all new stunning visuals and awesomely fun gameplay. The top-down view is now replaced with an isometric view, the stages have become larger, and the zombie hunting is as bloody and gory as ever.

    Download Alive4ever mini: Zombie Party

  • Fishing Star

    Fishing Star is a tremendously popular fishing game from Japan!
    Pick your bait and rig and catch the big one!

    *Authentic experience of pulling in a real prize!
    *More than 100 different types of fish! Try and complete your catalogue!
    *Test your skills against rivals at events and win amazing presents!

    Download Fishing Star

  • Marine Zoo

    Make a wonderful aqua paradise in the blue sea!

    This is a magical zoo for fishes, “Marine Zoo”.
    In Marine Zoo, there are so many types of fishes enjoy swimming.

    Make your original and unique marine entertainment park
    and show your wonderful park to your friends!!

    Get a reward by going on an excursion and completing the quests!

    Download Marine Zoo

  • Shooting Fever

    Shooting Fever is a classic arcade game features challenging physics-based gameplay. More than 200 levels require skill, logic to save engaging characters.

    The aliens from Candy Planet are taking their UFO to conquer the MAD Planet. And the only chance to take the MAD Planet back is working with one of
    leading roles “ Daniel“ to pass through a serious of challenge.

    How to play:
    Simply intuitive game control. By tapping the screen, Daniel will be launched as a bullet to hit the target and save his friends.

    Download Shooting Fever

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