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Best Of 2012 Cydia Tweaks: Top Free Tweaks Released 2012

Best Cydia Tweaks 2012

Best of 2012: Top Free Cydia TWeaks


Apple recently created a new page in the App store called “Best of 2012“.  We thought it would be a great idea to have the same type of information for the jailbreak community.  The following Cydia tweaks are the Top Ten Free Cydia Tweaks listed in the “Best of 2012” category.  Be on the look out for more Cydia tweaks in this category.  We have had a great year in the jailbreak community.
There’s been hundreds of great tweaks released.  We want tro bring light and recognition to the “Best of 2012” released.  

The first list contains the following best free Cydia Tweaks.

Best of 2012: Top Free Cydia Tweaks

1. Accelerate
2. Double @
3. Zeppelin
4. Live Clock
5. Icon Rotator
6. 360 MobileSafe
7. NCLight
8. Quick Emoji
9. Colored Knob
10. Deepend


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