Best 5 Android Apps that iPhone doesn't have

Best 5 Android Apps that iPhone doesn’t have

As the gap between iOS and Android widens and different special features are emphasized on both sides, we start to see the amazing ones guiding us to by one product or another. BGR Tech News posted an article recently on the 5 Android apps that do amazing things that the iPhone can’t.

Best 5 Android Apps that iPhone doesn't have
Best 5 Android Apps that iPhone doesn’t have

Here are the best 5 Android Apps which are not available on iPhone:

1. Event Flow Calendar Widget

Event Flow includes a number of styling options and configurations, but the app’s main goal is to put your agenda front and center so you never miss another appointment.
As soon as you turn on your handset’s display, you’re presented with a well-designed list of your upcoming appointments along with dates, times and weather forecasts for each day. If you’d rather not clutter up your lock screen, the app also provides a number of different home screen widget options as well.

2. DashClock Widget

Rather than just focusing on the user’s agenda, DashClock presents a variety of information including the time, date, weather, unread emails, SMS notifications, missed calls, calendar items, remaining battery charge and more.
You can also choose from dozens of extensions available for the app in the Google Play store, most of which are completely free. Facebook notifications, unread Feedly count, Snapchat alerts and more are available.

3. Aviate

Created by ThumbsUp Labs, which was recently acquired by Yahoo, Aviate is a unique new take on the home screen that morphs and changes throughout the day dynamically. Its intended purpose is to present you with only the apps and other information you need based on the time, your location and other factors.

4. Tasker

Tasker is the definitive automation app for Android. Possible triggers include an app launching, a specific time or day, arrival at a location, the tap of a shortcut, a countdown timer reaching zero, or just about any other event you can think of.

5. AirDroid

Right from the comfort of your browser, AirDroid lets you read and respond to text messages (be sure to enable desktop notifications from within the settings menu), manage apps, play music, edit contacts, view photos on your phone, make calls, manage files and plenty more. You can even use AirDroid to capture a screenshot on your phone or take a photo with the phone’s camera.
Use these apps to get that advantage over your iOS-using friends, and show off these great apps utilizing Android’s best OS features. Check out the rest of this article here for prices and examples of the apps being used.

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Source: BGR

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