Best Cydia Tweaks and Apps of March 2012

Best Cydia Tweaks & Apps of March 2012

Hey, are you looking for the best of top cydia apps and tweaks of March 2012?

Here are the best 15 cydia apps and tweaks of March 2012 for SenseiPhone readers. Short description of each tweak available, however, please click on the link to see the details and full features also review of each cydia tweaks & apps. Dont forget to share and submit your best cydia tweaks!

Best Cydia Tweaks and Apps of March 2012

  1. The Best Cydia Tweak #1: Imperium Cydia Tweak

    Imperium Cydia Tweak: A cool Multi-tasking AppSwitcher Alternative for iPhone/iPod Touch

    You can quickly kill background apps, get a song lyrics, take a photo, search google, email, tweet, toggle wifi / airplane mode / flashlight / location services / bluetooth etc, list of all the apps, quick access to your favorite apps, also some other SBSettings-like functions such as: Respring, reboot, power off, safemode, increase brightness and much more all under one menu which can be accessed using activator anywhere iOS wide!

  2. The Best Cydia Tweak #2: Slider Pro

    Slider Pro is the ultimate ‘slide to unlock’ customizer cydia tweak! One of the best cydia tweak I really love.

    Not only seting up custom slider text, display day on slider, tap to unlock, set image for slider, but dozens of customizations available, and it is for free!

  3. The Best Cydia Tweak #3: Deck

    Deck Cydia Tweak is an Ultimate iOS Centralized Action-Bar Shortcut for your iOS SpringBoard.

    Deck is ActionBoard’s big brother, having a better User Interface as well as extra features. So, Deck cydia tweak basically adds a sidebar to your iOS device which can be launched just by sliding to the left and you can configure Deck from Settings app.

  4. The Best Cydia Tweak #4: iunlock

    iUnlock simply adds various animation and cool actions for your lockscreen. Customize unlock sound, unlock bar animation, as well as swipe gestures animation. Great cydia tweak for lockscreen action customizer.

  5. The Best Cydia Tweak #5: PictoKeyboard

    Adding picture of unicode characters becomes easier with PictoKeyboard cydia tweak. Add more emotions to your text messages, notes, facebook and twitter status updates, etc.

  6. The Best Cydia Tweak #6: IconRotator

    IconRotator cydia tweak lets you to rotate apps icons to landscape mode or upside down just as you wish. You’ll be able to flip springboard just about any way, any direction.

  7. The Best Cydia Tweak #7: DockHide

    DockHide cydia tweak allows you to hide the springboard dock and all of the applications on it easily.

  8. The Best Cydia Tweak #8: NCSettings

    NCSettings is an classy cydia tweak widget on your Notification Center. NCSettings helps you to get instant access for the most regularly used configuration settings such as Wi-Fi, Brightness, Location Services, Bluetooth, Airplone Mode, Respring, etc. It’s like SBSettings inside the Notification Center.

  9. The Best Cydia Tweak #9: MusicBanners

    This cydia tweaks perfectly integrated into iOS 5, it will let you know whenever your track in now playing list changing by displaying banners in Notification Center, and also as alerts in the Lock Screen.

  10. The Best Cydia Tweak #10: CamFast

    This is a must have Cydia tweak for iPhone|iPod Touch|iPad Camera. If you use Camera app a lot, this cydia tweak will let you to access camera app faster than usual because CamFast loads the Camera API, which is faster. You can configure it with an Activator action.

  11. The Best Cydia Tweak #11: BadgeRemover

    If you want to remove badges (the number on apps icons on iOS devices) to have a clear homescreen easily then BadgeRemover is the best cydia tweak for you.

  12. The Best Cydia Tweak #12: Weetoolbox

    If NCSettings Cydia tweak is really SBSettings alike, then WeeToolbox is much different. Compose facebook status update, new message, tweet, make phone call, take photo/video and much more right from the notification center.
    So, I don’t need to tap Home button in order to make a call or updating twitter/facebook status or taking a photo. I’ll just need to slide down my notification center and select the action shortcut by having WeeToolBox notification center addon installed.

  13. The Best Cydia Tweak #13: Appswitch

    Adds favorite apps shortcut on Multi-tasking AppSwitcher on your iPhone/iPod Touch with AppSwitch cydia tweak. You can have up to four of your favorite apps shortcuts on multi-tasking appswitcher.

  14. The Best Cydia Tweak #14: HomeSafari

    If you want to have a Home Page feature on Safari app on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad then HomeSafari is definitely a must-have Cydia tweak for you.

  15. The Best Cydia Tweak #15: SliderWidth

    Would like to set a custom width of the “slide to unlock” bar on your iPhone|iPad|iPod Touch lockscreen?

    SliderWidth is a Cydia tweak that will let you do that. You can change the length of slide-to-unlock bar and also change the “slide to unlock” text to be something cool like “slide me” or “drag me” or anything you like.

Drop your comments, suggestions, and tips on the comment section below. Don’t forget to submit your favorite cydia apps & tweaks as well!

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