Call of Duty Elite for iPad available soon

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Are you looking for Call of Duty Elite for iPad and Android tablet? Your search will stop soon.

Noah Heller, the Activision Product Director is working to make Call of Duty Elite for iOS and Android tablet. The mobile version of Call of Duty has reacher over 2 million downloads and counting, hence the Activision Product Directory decided to make a tablet version.

We’re working on the tablet app right now, I can’t tell you much about it but what I can tell you is that it will be a truly native, customised application for the tablet, it’s not just a simple port. Once we saw how popular the mobile app was we realised, look we have to build something special for tablet.

Can you imagine Call of Duty on iPad 3 with the HD display? That would be definitely amazing!

Call of Duty Elite iPad 3 HD Android Tablet

Stay tuned for the release date of COD Elite for iPad and Android tablet.

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