Cassette Tape Case for iPhone 4/4S

Cassette Tape Case for iPhone 4/4S Review

Do you remember those good ol’ days when we had our cassette tapes and when we had to get a pencil in order to manually rewind them?! Yeah, those were the good ol’ days, but who says we can’t have them back?! Well, we can’t really get cassettes back into this modern day and age, but we can totally make our awesome iPhone fool people into thinking we still have cassette tapes! Especially holding them up against our ears?! This is a sweet looking case that disguises your iPhone into looking like a real cassette tape. I have fooled many people with it and love it! Not only is a sweet looking case, but it is very cheap! They have different colors to choose from: Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Green and Red.

I picked mine up from Amazon for $3. Not too shabby at all for a sweet looking case. This gives you an awesome retro look making heads turn everywhere!

Check out the video for a full review and thoughts!

To pick one up for yourself, click here.

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