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How To Change Cydia Icon To A Flat iOS 7 Look [VIDEO]

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With Cydia’s user interface being updated a few days ago to give it an iOS 7 look, the icon seemed to get left behind. If you want to blend Cydia to match all of your flat iOS 7 icons, you can easily do it in a few easy steps. I’d recommend watching the video above to find out how or get somewhat of an idea. If you get lost, you can refer to the steps down below.

You will need to download & install iFile from Cydia & visit Reddit for the high quality iOS 7 Cydia image[s].

Step 1: Visit Reddit and select a preferred Cydia iOS 7 icon

Step 2: Open and save the image to your Camera Roll

Step 3: After the image is saved, open iFile and navigate to /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/111APPLE to find the image/logo you just saved. It should be near the bottom of the list. NOTE: the “111APPLE” folder may be different on yours. You will need to navigate to the very last folder and select that one.

Step 4: Tap on Edit in the top menu, select the logo, tap the clipboard icon in the bottom menu and select Copy/Link.

Step 5: Navigate to /Applications/

Step 6: Tap on Edit in the top menu, followed by the clipboard icon, and select Paste.

Step 7: Find [email protected] in the same folder, tap the blue arrow icon to the right of it and rename the file to something similar. Tap Done when finished.

Step 8: Rename the logo you pasted to [email protected] by tapping the blue arrow icon to the right of it. Tap Done when finished.

Step 9: Respring or restart your device.

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