How to Change iPhone & iPad Carrier Logo [NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED]

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If you ever wanted to change your carrier logo without a Jailbreak, you are in luck! Developers KevinKo (@uhelios) & Daniel Levi (@Pix3lDemon) developed CarrierEditor that does just that! With CarrierEditor, you are able to change the carrier logo to any carrier logo such as an Apple logo, Android logo [weird], Pac-Man, Assasin’s Creed, and more. If you are familiar with Zeppelin, a popular Cydia tweak that also allows you to change the carrier logo, you will be familiar with the logos stored in CarrierEditor. The great thing about this is it require absolutely no Jailbreak! We tried it out on our iPhone 5 and it works like a charm!
Click here to check out our how-to tutorial on YouTube.


  • iPhone or iPad with Cellular [DOES NOT work on Wi-Fi only devices]
  • Mac OS X 10.7 & up

Step 1: Download CarrierEditor

Step 2: You will need to look for your Carrier Version Number located in Settings > General > About on your iDevice.
Example: AT&T 13.1

Step 3: Select your Device & Carrier information

Step 4: Open the downloaded CarrierEditor.dmg file and locate “Zeppelin Logos”. Select the preferred logos and drag and drop to the blank squares in CarrierEditor.

Step 5: Hit Compile Carrier Update (.ipcc)

Step 6: Once compiled, launch iTunes and select device. After selecting device, hold the ‘option/alt’ key on your keyboard and click “Restore iPhone”

Step 7: Select the generated .ipcc files located on your Desktop.


Watch our how-to tutorial below!


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