China Mobile to start selling iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 by Late October?

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CapitalVue recently reported that Apple and China Mobile have struck a deal allowing China Mobile to start selling the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. This is a big deal for Apple as China Mobile is the largest mobile network in the world, with over 600 million customers. It makes AT&T and Verizon look pretty small time.

The story originated from (Chinese language site) picked up the story and said it came from Associated Press but this claim is not proven. If this story is correct then the iPhone 4 is expected to be on the China Mobile network by October and will probably also get a LTE 4G iPhone 5. China Mobile’s network runs on the TD-LTE standard.

Rumors of a deal between Apple and China Mobile began when Tim Cook was spotted at the China Mobile Headquarters in June 2010 suggesting a deal was been made. Now reports say the deal is finalized and the iPhone will defiantly be coming to China Mobile soon.

This deal seems to closely resemble the Verizon iPhone deal. Many preferred Verizon to AT&T and so chose to get a different smartphone which caused Apple to lose out on sales. The iPhone will defiantly increase its marketing share by adding China Mobile to its authorized networks.

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