China Times says iPhone 5 will be launched second week of September

China Times has written a report saying that the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 will be released on the second week of September backed up with 4 million units to cover the huge demand for it. The source also says that the iPad 3 will be delayed till after Thanksgiving due to a shortage of components.

This seems to be similar to existing rumors regarding the iPhone 5’s launch date which also point to a September launch. This would fit in with the iOS 5 launch which is expected to be released at the start of fall; the official start of fall in 2011 is the 23rd of September. Apple stores are also hiring temporary staff in the UK, due to start in mid August. This gives them the time to be trained to Apple’s standards before the iPhone 5 launch.

The delay of the iPad 3 is slightly more confusing as how a product that hasn’t been announced, isn’t following it’s release cycle can be delayed as such. My guess is that Apple will stick to the typical iPad release cycle for the iPad 3 but China Times suggests a November release.

This source has more credibility than the typical somewhat-guessing rumor’s as China Times has a close link with the Apple supply chain in China and so would know a bit more about the production of said product.

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