Color Keyboard Cydia Tweak, Colorize your iPhone Keyboard

Works with iOS 4 and iOS 5
Not working for iPad

Color Keyboard Cydia Tweak will colorize your iPhonre keyboard.
Now, you can change colors of key buttons and you can easily put background picture on your iOS keyboard.

* Modify background color.
* Add background picture.
* Modify foreground key color.
* Modify rounded rect radius of key

Once Color Keyboard has been installed, tap
Settings → Color Keyboard → Select Theme → (Tap the Theme Name You Want) → Save & Respring (Top Right)

Keyboard theme folder location: /Library/ColorKeyboard/Themes/

No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can easily configure options through the Settings app.

See further below for Screenshots

Author: Yoo Seung Kim
Repository: BigBoss Repo
Section: Tweaks
Requirements: iOS 4, iOS 5, iPod Touch, iPhone
Price: $1.99

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