(Concept Video) The future of iPhone 6

(Concept Video) The future of iPhone 6

(Concept Video) The future of iPhone 6
(Concept) The future of iPhone 6

Are you interested in finding out about possible feature of iPhone 6? If so, you have come to the right place! Look below for a detailed description of iPhone 6’s potential features based on futuristic predictions in the development of technology.

iPhone 6 might offer users an advanced way to view all notifications, whether the notifications are from Facebook or from a missed call, with the touch of a button.

iPhone 6 enhances the video viewing experience by using a holographic video player, and further enables the users to interact with the hologram to take down notes or make drawings. This interactive holographic screen could be used for all sorts of purposes and would be a revolutionary way of screen interaction.

iPhone 6 will be coming out in different sizes; a 4.7 inch version and a slightly larger 5.5 inch version. Both iPhone 6 versions would potentially have a HD screen with a good resolution.

For you information, the following iPhone 6 concept video is not real. It’s just a concept and created for mockup and concept only.

Take a look at iPhone 6 concept video at the following video

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