Convexed Sapphire Home Button on iPhone 5S?

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Fingerprint on iPhone 5S

Fingerprint on iPhone 5S

Apple Inc, formerly Apple Computer Inc, has successfully shadowed over the phone market with their new iPhone 5 with an A6 integrated chip and iOS 6 for its powerful efficiency. Apple is now looking forward to develop a successor for iPhone 5 and predictably would be called as the iPhone 5S. Apple has maintained the ability to surprise with its release, as in the case of iPad 4 and iPad mini, which was launched just eight months after the release of iPad 3. In a recent press release, which has been spread as a rumor, that the company is bringing in their next launch – iPhone 5C along with its next level phone iPhone 5S.

The successor, iPhone 5S, may include a new convex home button which would be a fingerprint sensor for security, said – an analyst reporter. The iPhone 5S may have a 12-megapixel and a waterproof feature with a 4.8 inch retina plus HD 3D camera display. In terms of storage, it may have an upgraded capacity of 128 GB, as compared to 64 GB as in iPhone 5. As about iPhone 5C, it is foretold that it may have the upgraded iOS 7 software to give a better and faster run on the chip. The rumor about a fingerprint reader and iPhone 5S has created an excitement among the Apple fans.

iPhone 5S Home Button

iPhone 5S Home Button

From analysts, point of view, the fingerprint reader, assembling could be difficult installing under the home button as it would have to accommodate with the lighting connector, speaker and microphone and thus will have to manage for extra space. A convex shaped home button would give the required space for the fingerprint reader and a sapphire button would prevent it from getting being scratched, for the matter of fact, that the normal button could easily be scratched which could cause a disrupt in reading the fingerprint. Sapphire being a hard material would save the button and retain the fingerprint reader on iPhone.

In a press release, it said that the technology was purchased from AuthenTec, a biometric security firm, last year. This fingerprint reader uses a captive with RF technologies on the chip which is more effective than optics-based system. On the part of iPhone 5C, it is believed that Apple would release a plastic casing, so as to maintain a low budget on the coming iPhone generations.

Although it is not for sure, whether iPhone 5S would come in plastic casing as well. Along with the plastic casing, the iPhone 5C and 5S with variant color has a high possibility. It was announced; earlier in June that the iPhone 5C and 5S would be released in the month of September with the updated operating system and other features, but for now it would be categorized under the upcoming phone list.

Let us wait and see what Apple has in store to surprise its fans.

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