Cover Orange; truly unique

Cover OrangeCover Orange is quite hard to describe.  Acid Rain may not be a problem in the real world but in Cover Orange it’s a huge threat. A rain cloud is sweeping all over your citrus crops and so to avoid your crops getting messed up and so you have to literally cover your oranges to shield yourself from the poisonous downpour.

Cover Orange is a addictive puzzle game that has some great level designs. You have 120 stages all presenting a entirely different scene that has one or more ‘exposed’ oranges. You get a few tools that allow you to cover the oranges. These include things like boxes, wheels and barrels. You can shield your oranges by strategically placing these objects.

However, before you think this game is simple as just dropping things on top of fruit. Most of the time you have to create chain reactions that make the oranges rolling to safety. It’s kind of like Angry Birds as it forces you to experiment but with the levels being quick it prevents you getting frustrated but is still rewarding when you complete a level.

The game features nice bright cartoons graphics but the music can quickly get annoying. Luckily you can turn it off.

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