Best Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks of Janurary 2012

Best Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks of January 2012

  1. Zephyr adds awesome multitasking swipes for your device.
    • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to close apps
    • Switch apps simply by swiping left or right from the edge.
    • Smoothly swipe up to see your multitasking switcher.
    • The best way to really multitask
    Zephyr is one of those tweaks that I will be using for a long time because it eliminates the use of the home button when in apps. Simply swiping up closes the app or swiping left and right switches from app to app in an instant which is really helpful for me. Call me lazy, but I sometimes get annoyed because I have to press the home button when I wish I can just tap on it.
    Price: $2.99

  3. Overflow gives your dock a little style. *works best with Inifinidock [$0.99]*

    • Lets you add a dynamic ‘Coverflow’ effect

    Overflow isn’t a major tweak or anything, but it is a really cool one because it changes your dock icons and gives it that coverflow effect. This works best with Infinidock because you can add more apps to your dock and swipe between apps in a smooth manner making Overflow look even better.
    Price: Overflow [FREE] & Infinidock [$0.99] 


  5. Slider Pro lets you customize your slider on your lockscreen the way you want it
    • Custom slider text
    • Display date/time in a variety of formats of your choosing
    • Display current day of the week
    • Hide slider
    • Enable/Disable light animation going across the text on slider
    • Tap to Unlock
    • and  more
    Slider Pro is a real nice tweak and has been updated a few times already. The developer, greensnow, actually reached out to me thanks to my video of his tweak, and I have had the chance to bring some more features to this tweak. There are more ideas that he will be putting in future updates so be sure to download it. I’ve been using this tweak and love it. Best part about it, it is free!
    Price: FREE

  7. Springtomize 2 lets you customize your SpringBoard fully to your liking
    • Customize lock animation
    • Add Panorama feature
    • Customize dock labels, reflection, and more.
    • Customize lockscreen
    • and much more

    Springtomize 2 is a real in depth tweak/app that has many different modifications you can do for your SpringBoard. From changing the size of your app icons, to your dock, to folders, and plenty more! This is a must have tweak so you can have your SpringBoard the way you want it.
    Price: $2.99


  9. 3G Unrestrictor 5 tricks your applications to thinking they are using WiFi
    • FaceTime over 3G or EDGE
    • Use iCloud backup over 3G or EDGE
    • Use iCloud’s Photo Stream over 3G or EDGE
    • Download apps, music, TV shows, and podcasts that are bigger than 20MB from the App Store & iTunes store
    • Watch high quality videos YouTube videos through the YouTube app while being on 3G or EDGE
    • Play online games through 3G or EDGE that normally require WiFi connection
    • and much more

    3G Unrestrictor 5 is the next step from the original 3G Unrestrictor and I must say it is a real useful one! With the original already allowing FaceTime calling over 3G & EDGE, this app/tweak now allows you to use iCloud backup, Photo Stream, and much more while being on 3G by simply enabling the app in 3G Unrestrictor 5.
    Price: $3.99


  11. MyWi 5.0 enables you to set your iPhone/iPad [3G enabled] to a hotspot allowing you to tether with other devices giving them internet access using your 3G connection.

    • Create WiFi Hotspot to connect multiple laptops or mobile devices to share your iPhone’s internet connection
    • 40 bit and 104 bit WEP Security to prevent others from accessing your WiFi Hotspot
    • Ability to enable USB Tethereing on your iPhone
    • Broadcasts the Network Name (SSID)
    • Shows up and down bandwidth usage
    • USB Bridge mode (connect your laptop over USB to the phones 3G or WiFi connection)
    • Bluetooth Tethering (connect laptops and more through bluetooth)
    • Includes 3-Day Free Trial

    MyWi 5.0 is another must have if you don’t have Tethering in your plan. I use this a lot when I am out of the house and can’t seem to find any free WiFi connections. Wirelessly connecting my iPhone’s 3G connection to my Macbook is awesome! Worth every penny.
    *Be sure to have unlimited data because it will eat up your data and possibly leave you with a MASSIVE high bill at the end of the month if you use it a lot for streaming movies, music, etc.*
    Price: $19.99


  13. ProTube download any YouTube video straight to your iDevice either in video or mp3 format.
    • Do all the normal YouTube activities (comment, rate, share, etc)
    • Completely control your account (view My Videos, Favorites, Inbox, etc)
    • HD and SD video downloads (up to 1080P)
    • High Quality (up to 256kB/s) mp3 downloads
    • HD Streaming
    • Completely manage saved videos (delete, rename, add to camera roll, send via email)
    • Watch blocked videos through the stream option
    • AirPlay support
    • and much more!
    ProTube is now my default YouTube managing and browsing app! If I want a video or listen to a song later, I simply download it and have it on my phone for later playback use! It is a must have
    Price: $1.49
To take advantage of all these awesome tweaks/apps, check them out in Cydia!

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