[Cydia Tweak] PasswordPilot, remember iTunes password on iPhone

Sometimes, I think Apple should have the ‘remember password‘ option on the device, whether it’s iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, to let the users saving time by remembering such things. I merely install apps from iTunes App Store directly on my iPhone rather than using computer.

When it comes to ask the app store password, it’s the annoying part since I have a complex password combination of my iTunes store account. Moreover, when I need to install several apps, I need to repeat the “ENTERING PASSWORD” events. HEY Steve Jobs, why don’t you put “Remember Password” option on this pop-up box?

Apple ID Password

It will save my time for sure. While waiting Steve Jobs to read my wish, I prefer to jailbreak my devices and got Cydia installed on the device to turn it into ultimate iPhone rather than an usual iPhone.

So, this is another benefit of jailbreaking your device, make dreams come true.

PasswordPilot, a Cydia tweak that automatically inserts your iTunes Store password whenever you are downloading or updating apps from the App Store.
All you need to do is simple, with a jailbroken iPhone, open Cydia, search PasswordPilot and install it to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.
Once you’ve installed PasswordPilot, you need to set your password from the SettingsPasswordPilot. You password will be encrypted and saved safely. So, don’t be scary about someone stealing your Apple ID’s password since the password are not stored in plain text to limit such security risk.

Cydia Tweak Password Pilot

Use it at your own risk. If anyone gets access to your device, he could purchase apps without your consent.

So, rather than waiting “Remember password” option while you asked to input your password, PasswordPilot is a better option.

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