Data Usage Monitor Cydia Tweak

Data Usage Monitor Cydia Tweak

Data Usage Monitor cydia tweak will add a status bar indicator on your iPhone and monitors data usage on iPhone in real time.
What would you do with it if you are on unlimited data plan? Well, this tweak may not important for such data plan subscribers, but if you are on a limited data plan, let’s say 4GB, 3GB, or even 300MB data plan, that would be really useful to track iPhone data usage in real time to avoid overage fees.

You may see some data monitor apps on Cydia or probably app store, but Data Usage Monitor is simply real time data monitor apps and it adds the data usage counter on the status or lockscreen for easier monitoring purpose. You may also set data usage limit in Settings so that you can stop using cellular data before your data plan being overusage.

Data Usage Monitor Cydia Tweak

In Data Usage Monitor settings, you’ll see some options you can configure:

  • Enable/Disable Data Usage Monitor
  • Monitor Personal HotSpot and 3G/Data Usage.
  • Cellular Data Limit: with Limit Data in MB and what action will be taken if you reached out the limitation you’ve set.
  • There also Reset Statistic options to clear system’s data usage statistics.

Data Usage Monitor Cydia Tweak settingData Usage Monitor Cydia Tweak setting

Tap Settings → Data Usage Monitor to configure Data Usage Monitor options.

Data Usage Monitor compatibility: Requires iOS 4.2 – iOS 5.x
Data Usage Monitor is paid cydia tweak and costs $1.99
Data Usage Monitor available on BigBoss Repo (default repo, simply do search on Cydia)

Watch Data Usage Monitor in action

What do you think about this cydia tweak? Do you use it? Is it really useful for you?

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