Deck Cydia Tweak: System Shortcuts

Deck Cydia Tweak: Ultimate iOS Centralized Action-Bar Shortcut for SpringBoard

Deck cydia tweak adds a centralized action-bar shortcut for springBoard on iPhone/iPod Touch, while iPad not yet supported.

Deck offers more than just toggles as SBSettings or IntelliScreenX does, this tweak also adds composing messages and Tweets shortcuts, as well as Siri or the multitasking App Switcher launcher, and additional shortcuts for up to six applications of your choice.

The list of things you can do with Deck cydia tweak:

  • Respring, reboot, power down, lock the device
  • Quick-upload text to Pastie
  • Toggle a flashlight
  • Launch a music application of your choice (Music, Pandora, Spotify)
  • Launch App Switcher, SpotLight, Notification Center, Siri, Camera, Wallpaper settings
  • Quick compose text messages, e-mails, Tweets
  • Toggle Wi-Fi, airplane mode, location services, Bluetooth, mute, 3G
  • Create up to six favorite apps shortcuts

Watch Deck Cydia Tweak in action:

Name: Deck
Author: SBCoders
Repo: ModMyi
Section: Tweaks
Price: $1.99

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