DisableLaunch Pro Cydia Tweak

DisableLaunch Pro Cydia Tweak, turn-off apps launching on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

DisableLaunch Cydia Tweak allows you to disable the ability to launch applications. It simply doesn’t let you open any apps on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch when you tap on the app icon, nor accesing it from Search.

You have your own Activation Methods to configure how-to deactivate DisableLaunch and let you open apps again. You can also have a Password Authentication option to deactivate DisableLaunch, so people who already knew about DisableLaunch cydia tweak will be stopped at password authentication code.

DisableLaunch Pro Cydia Tweak

There are a few options of the way you disable apps,

  • Search Selection, disables app launch from Search Bar.
  • Siri Speech, disables app launch from Siri Speech.
  • Bulletin List, disables app launch from the Bulletin on Notification Center.
  • Multitasking, disables app launch from Multitasking tray when you double tap home button from HomeScreen.

You can also disable all apps, or specific apps by selection, in case you want to disable Messages and Photos apps only, just enabled Specific Apps option and switch ON the Messages and Photos apps.

DisableLaunch Pro Cydia Tweak Setting

You can configure this tweak from Settings → DisableLaunch.

So, this is a great cydia tweak to lock apps from unauthorized users.

DisableLaunch Pro cydia tweak is available on BigBoss Repo (default Cydia repo, no need to add cydia repo manually) for $0.99. There also basic DisableLaunch version which is FREE on BigBoss Repo.

Watch DisableLaunch Pro in action


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Some people getting problem with DisableLaunch Pro and want to fix it because they forgot the activation method of DisableLaunch Pro.
So, if you want to deactivate DisableLaunch Pro: Open SBSettings → Power → Safe Mode
Once the iPhone Springboard restarts and back in safe mode, you can uninstall DisableLaunch Pro.

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