Verizon iPhone

Does iPhone 5 Verizon Unlocked?

“Does iPhone 5 Verizon unlocked or not?”
“Can I use Verizon iPhone 5 on GSM network?”
“Do you know if iPhone 5 on Verizon under-contract will be locked to the carrier or not”?

Verizon iPhone
Verizon iPhone

We’ve got such similar questions regarding iPhone 5 handset from Verizon network, whether it can be used on GSM network or not.

Jeff from iDB confirmed that Verizon iPhone 5 users should be able to use their iPhone 5 on any network.

So, you won’t need Verizon iPhone 5 unlock service like its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. For iPhone 4S users, you will need to contact Verizon to unlock your iPhone 4S or you can use Verizon iPhone unlock service.

But iPhone 5 users are free to use their iPhone 5 on CDMA or GSM network, as users’ wish.

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