Download Old Apps (iOS 4.2.1 and lower) for iPhone 3G, 2G / iPod touch

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If you have old models of iPhone (iPhone 3G or 2G) you may feel this pain when installing apps for your iPhone (or iPod Touch as well).

iOS update required

The latest iOS version for iPhone 3G is iOS 4.2.1 while latest iOS version for iPhone 2G is iOS 3.1.3 while most apps on iTunes App Store requires 4.3 or iOS 5 and newer.

When you’re trying to install apps which is not compatible with your iPhone, you will see this error:

Update required, this app requires iOS 4.3

Update required, this app requires iOS 4.3 / iOS 5

But if you want to download any other apps on iTunes App Store which probably compatible with your iPhone / iPod Touch, follow this steps:

  • Visit on your computer
  • Paste this text: “requires ios 3.0″ or just click here”requires+ios+3.0″
  • You will that there are about 731,000 results from Google search. Pretty much to fill up your iPhone / iPod Touch.
  • You can also try with some iOS requires variations: “requires ios 2.0″ About 70,400 results “requires ios 2.1″ “requires ios 2.2″ “requires ios 3.1″

    How To Find Apps Compatible with iOS 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 & iOS 4.2.1

    You can also search for newer apps versions by using those advanced search tricks: “requires ios 4.0″ “requires ios 4.1″ “requires ios 4.2″ “requires ios 4.2.1″

    Searching old Apps for Non-USA iTunes Stores

    If you live outside the US, change the iTunes country ID in the URL’s above. For example to search your store …com/us/app/… otherwise it may return a “not authorize to download from from this store on this computer” error if that app is not available in your country’s store when trying to download the app to your computer.

    The easiest way to find your App Store URL is by opening iTunes and copying the information directly from the App Store.

    The steps included below outline how you can find your App URL.

    1. Open iTunes.
    2. Search for your app.
    3. Click your app’s name and copy the URL (right-click for PC users).

    App store URL’s will be in the following format:[country]/app/

    So for searching iTunes France for example you would paste this in the Google search box:
    site: “Nécessite iOS 3.0″ “gratuit”

    Or go here and hover with your mouse pointer to see the URL:

    For example, Armenia (/am/):

    If you still wanted to install some specific apps which requires update iOS version, try to buy new iPhone or install whited00r for your iPhone.

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