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Download Java Offline Installer (32-bit & 64-bit)

If you want to download Java installer without needing to re-download the installer, you should get Java Offline Installer instead of Java setup which will need to re-download the full setup from Java’s server.

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Besides saving times by directly downloading the offline installer, you may install Java without being connected to Internet, one thing that you cannot do with Java normal installer.

You can start downloading Java offline installer from the link below.

Download Java Offline Installer


Make sure that you download the correct Java Offline Installer setup.

These are the available Java offline installers setup for different operating systems.

  • Windows Offline (32-bit)
    filesize: 29.7 MB
  • Windows Offline (64-bit)
    filesize: 31.1 MB
  • Mac OS X (10.7.3 version and above)
    filesize: 50.0 MB
  • Linux RPM filesize: 54.5 MB
  • Linux filesize: 45.7 MB
  • Linux x64 * filesize: 44.5 MB
  • Linux x64 RPM * filesize: 52.7 MB
  • Solaris SPARC (32-bit) filesize: 48.5 MB
  • Solaris SPARC (64-bit)*
    filesize: 17.3 MB + 48.5 MB 32-bit Solaris
  • Solaris x86 filesize: 45.2 MB
  • Solaris x64 * filesize: 14.7 MB

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