iPhone SMS Delivered Notification

How-to enable iPhone 4S SMS delivery report

How to enable SMS delivery report on iPhone 4S?

Enable iPhone 4S SMS Delivery Report without Jailbreak
Enable iPhone 4S SMS Delivery Report with Jailbreak Tweak

For those who care about SMS delivery reports, you may ever asked this question once. How can I get delivery reports for my SMS text?
It’s a basic feature which available on the monochrome Nokia mobile phones, but unavailable for A+ class smartphone from Apple company, the iPhone. Since the 1st-gen iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and iOS 1.x to iOS 5.x, Apple has never be interested to include SMS delivery report function on iPhone.

Well, nothing is perfect, including the famous Apple iPhone. But here are some advices from SenseiPhone if you need to activate SMS delivery report on iPhone 4s. For older iPhone models, you may install iPhoneDelivery Cydia Tweak to activate SMS delivery options on iOS 5, iOS 4, or even iOS 3.

iPhone SMS Delivered Notification

Enable iPhone 4S SMS Delivery Report without Jailbreak

  1. In order to activate SMS delivery report without jailbreak, you can use prefix delivery report in the beginning of your SMS text.
    e.g. *0# Test SMS to send Test SMS text along with the delivery report recipient. See more: Prefix to Activate SMS Delivery Report on iPhone (without Jailbreak)

Enable iPhone 4S SMS Delivery Report with Jailbreak Tweak

The method above is for non-jailbroken iPhone 4S. Good news for jailbroken iPhone 4S users, getting SMS Delivery Report on iPhone 4S can be easier.

  1. SMSPrefix Cydia Tweak. It allows you to add the prefix code automatically every time you send text via SMS and getting SMS receipt once the text delivered. The same method as non-jailbroken iPhone 4S user which uses delivery report prefix, the only difference is SMSPrefix will do that for you automatically. Hence, you don’t need to type the prefix everytime you send a text message thru SMS. This is just a temporary solution until iPhoneDelivery has been updated for iPhone 4S version.
  2. biteSMS and iRealSMS Cydia apps. Both Cydia apps support SMS template, hence you can do the same as SMSPrefix does, insert the prefix delivery report on your template and use it to get your SMS delivery report.
  3. iPhoneDelivery for iPhone 4S. Unfortunately, iPhoneDelivery is still being update to be compatible with iPhone 4S. It is a well-known Cydia tweak for SMS Delivery Report since long time ago. Check here to see the progress of iPhoneDelivery tweak for iPhone 4S.

That’s some options to activate iPhone 4S delivery reports. Since the most reliable solution is really depend on iPhoneDelivery cydia tweak, you should follow SenseiPhone for the latest updates of iPhone 4S SMS Delivery Report.

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